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The intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO) is leading a worldwide effort to build a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) over the next 10 years.
GEOSS will work with and build upon existing national, regional, and international systems to provide comprehensive, coordinated Earth observations from thousands of instruments worldwide, transforming the data they collect into vital information for society.

About GEO


GEONETCast is a near real time, global network of satellite-based data dissemination systems designed to distribute space-based, air-borne and in situ data, metadata and products to diverse communities. Read More



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GEO Portal is a central Portal and Clearinghouse providing access to Geospatial and Earth Observation (EO) data in support of GEOSS.  GEO Portal allows you to discover, browse, edit, create and save geospatial information from GEO members around the globe.

GEO Portal has been implemented using Compusult's Web Enterprise Suite (www.compusult.net), a suite of applications, based on open standards, that work together to provide a comprehensive, data discovery, access, retrieval and delivery system. The GEO Portal facilitates the discovery of Earth Observation data from thousands of services, instruments, collections, libraries and catalogues worldwide, transforming the data collected into vital information for society.


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Capacity Building

Information Site

Key Catalogs

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